Saturday, October 22, 2005

Synopsis #1

Johnny Malveen is an average guy working for a small produce company in a predominately Jewish neighborhood. We are introduced to his co-workers, the Greek Hulk George Kostopoulos, the newly hired, child-like, Davy Goodman, the chronic masturbator Ellis Adler and the psychopathic, highly volatile, foul-mouthed, Bubba Burlock.

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Linds said...


As proud as I am of you for writing your book, which is smashingly good, btw, I find it rather film noir style... That might just be me, however...

You really need someone to design your website for you.

Email me sometime, pussycat.

Strange said...

I plan too once I'm done for the winter...which should be in about 187 hours 14 minutes 27 seconds.

Strange said...

BTW thank you for your insight and support. *big wet kiss*