Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Celebrity feet countdown #16

Another up and comer is Rooney Mara. She is another with the "dirty hot" tag and if you saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo you'll probably agree.

Usually these modelesque types don't crack the upper echelon of my foot sanctum because they ruin their poor feet by shoving them repeatedly into pumps and pretty soon all they can do is make fists with their toes. That may be OK for banana tree climbing, but not for the top 20.

Thankfully Rooney hasn't ruined hers...yet.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tree of the 2 plus hours of life you'll never get back

Gotta tell ya, Ol' Strange didn't even watch this one. I already fulfilled my Brad Pitt quota for the year and I was so afraid from what I've heard that this was going to be 2 plus hours of my life I'd never get I passed.

sadly I know nothing of this film other than it polarized film goers and critics alike. Either you were in the artsy/ hemp-wearing/ I experimented with my own sex in college crowd, or you belonged to the pretentious/ guffaw/ bored as hell popcorn junkies.

But unless the Academy does something stupid- remember The English Patient, Chariots of Fire, Chicago, Crash? I think we're all safe from having to avert our eyes.

All this said if I had to pick a favourite front runner and people's choice I'd say Hugo- you should never bet against Scorsese and that's why he'll probably get the director nod. Descendants will probably win just because of that damn George Clooney, but like I said never count out something stupid from the Academy, or at least a momentary lapse, which means The Artist.

I guess we'll see later tonight?

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Celebrity foot countdown #17

Emmy Rossum #17 This girl is what I can only describe as "dirty hot" and for the record GIGC thinks so as well. If you've ever watched an episode of Shameless you'll know what I mean.

Besides showing off her other lady parts Emmy has some sexy feet on display right from the opening credits and I am fast becoming a huge fan as she climbs the top 20.

That's right, for now at least my Emmy for #17 goes to Emmy.

Just the facts mam...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jock strapped for cash

Here's how much I watch baseball, I don't even remember when this went down and apparently it happened not that long ago.

It's a classic struggle between David (Oakland A's) and teams like the Yankees (Goliath) where the little engine with no money that could...almost...but not quite got there. It's not like this is a spoiler alert, it's a part of baseball history.

I think this movie is actually about a different David/ Goliath story if you want my opinion; that between a good movie and one worthy of a lofty position in Oscar's top 9.

Sure there's Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman's wasted roll and Jonas Hill who puts in a performance that gets him noticed as something other than a comedic actor, but best film? Come on! There have been better Brad Pitt films that were nominated and didn't win. This one shouldn't have made it this far.

It's just another indication of a year that's really a two, maybe three horse race and it's coin flipping time.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

This clock's ticking

Finally a film worthy of nomination. Brilliant directing, cinematography, art direction, excellent movie.

Now, my reasons why it won't win.

OK look, It's Martin Scorsese. You just don't fuck with Martin. This guy has Woody Allen for lunch and although Hugo is based on a children's book and doesn't display the usual Scorsese fare of busted skulls, bullet riddled flesh and "fucks" a mile a minute, it's still Martin Scorsese and you don't jiggle his junk.

Do you hear me Academy? Do you hear me Clooney?

To play nice, you have to give this dude something, a sign of respect and the Academy will probably do that with a Best Director statue, but Best Film?...I don't know. It always been hard for these fantasy-type movies to break through and earn top-dog honours even when it is clearly the best of a bad lot nominated. I mean it took Peter Jackson three consecutive kicks at the can to walk home rewarded for Lord of the Rings.

Although I'd like Hugo to win and it would be well deserved, the Academy will probably look Clooney's way, or too the Artist with a head scratch saying, "Didn't we give Scorsese an Oscar for The Departed in 2007? He's had his due."

So instead of paying a man his due, expect the Academy to dispense doo-doo.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Descending into Clooney's madness

George Clooney...there I said it. Somehow Mr. Clooney seems to weasel his way into the show every year to rub shoulders with the golden boy. This year it's with the Descendants- a decent film, but once again sadly lacking to represent top film honours.

Maybe it's me and I have become so desensitized to film making that nothing turns my crank, but there's just no originality here. GIGC was calling out plot lines long before they were reveled. Personally, I can't see a level of excitement washing over me in orgasmic bliss even if I were on the verge of wanting to have Ol' George balls-deep in my vagina...if i had one.

No...the Descendants takes too long to develop, too long get me interested in the characters and despite the constant gay insinuations in this post, too long to care...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Celebrity foot countdown #18

Renee Zellweger used to be much higher on the list, but she no longer has those cute, beautiful Nurse Betty feet. Don't get me wrong, she's still giving me an adorable ten toe package, but since Chicago and all that dancing she's beat them up a little bit and at this rate she'll need sidecars for her shoes to fit the bunions.

It just stands to reason there would be a drop in the pecking order for Renee no different than that of say...Brittany Murphy who had great feet. I just don't feel right about putting up pictures of dead chicks.

Yet Renee is hanging in there at #18.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I didn't mind a slice of that pie

I went in with arms crossed and a dour attitude when watching this movie. I didn't think I'd like it all. It fact the only reason I agreed to watch it in the first place was because of Emma Stone and her amazing feet which sadly you never see in this flick.

Yet, when all was said and done, I didn't mind it. There were all the elements that make a good movie, script, story-line, excellent acting, empathy with the characters.

However, with all that said, it still didn't crest the peek for me to the point I'd label this a definite choice for best film. Good- yes; golden- not quite.

You're going to hell #4

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Worn Horse in my opinion

As Woody Allen is a pariah to the academy, so too is Steven Spielberg. For some reason the Academy just loves to snub this guy. Sure he makes them sit up and notice with celluloid like Schindler's List, but beyond that...hit the road buddy.

Personally I don't believe it's so much Spielberg as it is his ability to crank out hugely successful films and the Academy doesn't appreciate gigantic money generators.

Very strange, since those dollars keep the fabric of Hollywood spinning. However, over the years there seems to be some misconception that if you pull in substantial green you've got a shitty script and shoddy acting unworthy of Oscar gold.

That said, War Horse is unworthy of Oscar Gold. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I found this film to be less than typical was too slow for my liking ...actually tired would probably be a better description. It was another of this year's nominated nine that left me ho-hum instead of whistling high-ho.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Even if it was midnight in Paris Hilton...

Let's get something straight. I don't like Woody Allen. I don't like Woody Allen films. I'm not particularly fond of Woody's vodka coolers, nor am I a vast consumer of Allen's apple juice products. Suffice it to say, I don't like Woody and I don't like Allen and when you put them together and subject me to them year-in-year-out, there's going to be animosity.

Yet, every year Woody Allen puts out a film, gets nominated for something and doesn't win because he no longer plays nice with the Academy...wait...did he ever?

So...Did I like this film, you ask? Did I even watch this film, you ask?

Horder's wish list #11

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Extremely dull and incredibly morose

OK, I get it. This movie is meant to make us think on some deeper level about the effects of 9/11, but I just kept finding myself annoyed especially with the kid. I realize that's the way he's supposed to be, yet, for me, it took what should be a visual feast and I found myself waiting for a fantastic meal that never came.

Also, again we have a nominated actor, Max Von Sydow, who has no speaking part...what the hell is going on with the academy these days? Are they now embracing mute rolls the way they did when they doled out Oscars for cross dressing, autism, non gender specific, death camp survivor, physically handicapped, what-have-you disease acting?

Can't see this film getting much recognition next Sunday when so many- critics and audience alike, were surprised to see it even included in the best picture category.
As far as I'm concerned it was a waste of Hank's and Bullock's true potential to shine

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oscars: The Artist

Ok, so it's that time of year where I review the nominated films for the Academy's top award; best film.

Gotta tell ya, Ol' Strange has been feeling a little ho-hum at this years field of horses. 1st up is The Artist. I almost nodded off at the 30 minute mark but miraculously after a punch in the arm from GIGC I recovered and made it to the end.

There are those out there who will tell you this is cinematic genius, a bold statement and an incredibly risky move in today's Hollywood.

Really? People this is a black and white silent film. They made those back in the 20's didn't they? I don't see what's new. The only thing bold and risky here is the Academy giving a best actor nod to a dude who barely says word one in the entire film.

Honestly I don't see this winning, but then again, this year the race is all tortoise, so you never know.

Celebrity foot countdown #19

Michelle Trachtenberg

Ah...Buffy's sister slayer, but my fave was her roll in Six Feet Under. That character she portrayed with a lot more dirt- five bucks away from a dance poll.

I'll admit she does have a bit of a sloth toe next to her little one that tends to hang over her shoes sometimes, but I overlook it as long as she keeps it contained. Still the feet and the overall package is enough to keep her in the top 20 at #19

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What better day to express my affection for women's feet then on Valentine's Day?

So, Ol' Strange is launching his top 20 celebrity foot countdown starting with #20.
Why 20 you ask? Because I couldn't fit them all into the top 10.
So without further interuption I present to you #20 MILA KUNIS

Mila probably would have scored higher if it hadn't been for That 70's Show and the fact that some times she gets that angry vien on her right foot. yet, as you can see, her toes are nicely tappered and her foot has good shape. In the coming weeks, you may notice I have a soft spot for brunettes and Mila is a fitting kick-off (no pun intended) for the foot fetish frenzy.

All I want today is...

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You're going to hell #1

A collection of inappropriate pictures and ads.

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The Tuesday tumblr

Amish porn. That's another one off the bucket list.

Hats and animals.

Food on my dog.

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The Mayans were right #2

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