Thursday, September 30, 2010

A week of numbers day 4

6 landmark boners in a man's life.

24 pictures of teasing lips and tongues. Better make that 7 landmark boners.

10 ways to get your dream woman. I guess number 1 would be, go back to sleep?

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Bearing all

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Friday free-for-all

Show your worth. Finally a video game where you get points for doing absolutely nothing. It's like getting paid for doing absolutely nothing at work....except awesomer!

So you need a new occupation. So do I. Check out Bioclean.

The music swinger. It says it all. Well, maybe it doesn't so you better click the link.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Take that you smug bastard!

Today I have a date in court. Why?

Because I was caught by a police trap.

Now I'm not contesting the ticket- I was in the wrong when I was pulled over and I wouldn't even be going to court to fight it had the infraction not come with a sermon from the officer.

In fact he made it a point to embarrass me in front of my son who was sitting in the passenger seat beside me.

I guess he was trying to send my son a message about how to drive safely, but the only message my son got was, "what dicks police officers can be" and he told me so as we pulled away.

So today, as a matter of principle, I will waste tax payers money to relate this to a judge, providing the officer even shows up.

It is a known fact that here in the Big Smoke, (Greater Toronto Area), there are more traps than Montreal, L.A. and N.Y. combined!

So, I will also post this handy link to a site which has every speed trap in North America so you can be aware of where these quota-grabbing idiots station themselves. Just click on State/Province, then city, and all the traps are there for you to see.

I guess the message I'm trying to send all police officers is, "We motorists can be real dicks too."

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