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Incredible yard sale finds

Man! I just can't lose this week. Check out some of the excellent finds from a rare Thursday yard sale.

LP: Sex, Sex, Sex

Asking price: $3.00

Paid: $1.00

Notes: I don't know much about the album, but I figured I got triple the sex while paying for only a third.

My Cleaning Trolley

Asking price: $5.00

Paid: $1.50

Notes: This is great! I have a niece with a birthday coming up and she doesn't know what career choices to make. Score!

Squirt toy

Asking price: $3.50

Paid: $1.25

Notes: This is great! I have a nephew with a birthday coming up and I'm told he's been having problems deciding on his sexual preferences. Score!

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Incredible yard sale finds

Summer is almost over, which also means the weekly local yard sales are too. But there are still some great deals out there for those willing to scour through miles of junk. Just look at my haul from last weekend.

Cooking with Pooh

Asking price: $0.25

Paid: $0.25

Notes: How could I not? I mean, honestly!

Vintage Disco lunchbox

Asking price: $2.50

Paid: $2.50

Notes: What? Disco's coming back some day and people have to eat.

Book: Fart Proudly

Asking price: $1.50

Paid: $0.25

Notes: usually I don't buy many books, but I figured "what the hell" it'll look good on the shelf next to Cooking with Pooh.

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The new Hitler?

Tom Cruise gets a letter from his Australian cousin.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Gimp mask for back to school

But Mom! Everyone else is wearing them.