Thursday, October 27, 2005

Meeting me halfway there

In five days I will begin posting excerpts from my new novel, Handmade Heart. In the meantime I am displaying selected parts of my first two novels. Center of the Universe concluded yesterday and The Limits of Respectability begins today.

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Synopsis: It is the pretentious mid-eighties and a make or break tour for Bitter Romance, a small time rock band trying to find a place in the competitive music industry. We meet bass guitarist John ‘Sparky’ Malveen, the pragmatic, practical joker, more adept at getting himself into trouble, than out of it. Doc Barlow the quick witted comedic know-it-all pianist. Thumper, the diminutive lead-guitarist who pines for his domestic home-life. Wally, a single-minded guy with an appetite for women and food over playing guitar. Bronson the light-man/ martial arts expert and the egotistical drummer, Space the self-proclaimed leader of the group. Then there’s Wires Whitmire, the quiet, chain smoking sound-man who has a way of getting his band out of the trouble that always seems to find them. His only creative outlet, are the caricatures he draws, a picturesque comedy of life on the road in a rock band.

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