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Horders wish list #5


Well...for the next week anyway.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

50/50 and one more for good measure

With the Oscar nods now out thought it might be cool to do a little movies by the numbers.

The 50 greatest movie laughs of all time.

The 50 best bad movies.

50 brilliant fan-made videos.

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Reliving the past post #5

Just 3 more months until season 2.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Reliving the past post #4

The, "Jesus is back and he's still a bit of a dick" post were among my favourite posts from last year.

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Reliving the past post #1

Every year I take time to post some of my favourite blogs from the past 12 months...usually because I'm lazy and I can't be bothered surfing for anything new.

Actually 2011 wasn't exactly a bumper crop for the strange and hilarious, but here are some of, what I consider to be, the best links.

Kitten album covers.

Righteous, or rape, you decide what these vans are used for.

How to hide an erection.

A horse named Arrrgggh!

Breaking Bart

Because I can't wait for the next season of Breaking Bad.

What can you expect from 2012

Not a hell of a lot if there's going to be links like these.

Meet the world champion masturbator.

Skate bush. It really says it all.

Tom Arayas scream. Slayer!!!!!