Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This day in Pottahawk history

On this day in 1901 Turkey Point forefathers Earl "Bullet Groin" Thompson, and deputy sheriff Gordy "Trigger Happy" Burton, circled above, decreed by the shores of Pottahawk, that it was an evil place and further celebrations would be cancelled.

This decision was due to an increase of rebel rousing, public drunkenness and fornication.

Earl and Gordy were subsequently booed, stoned to death and pissed on in the shallow waters of Pottahawk by the angry mob who had gathered to hear the news.

To this day, people still pee together in the waters of Pottahawk in tribute to the blessed event that saved the celebratory spirit of Pottahawk for future generations.


The Mayor said...

I was there three years ago and I still have urine stains on my leg.

I'm actually proud of it.

Strange said...

and what's even more special is, it was my urine on your leg......oh the brings a tear to the eye.