Saturday, July 05, 2008

My mind is on Pottahockey

It has been hard to keep an eye on current events when the blessed day is nearly here.

What day you say?

Only the best day ever. Pottahawk! It is Mardi Gras on the water; thousands of boats; gallons upon gallons of alcohol; Hot Chicks with Bikinis roaming by you on the sandbar, but forget about Robert Hot, Stuart Chicks and Danny Bikinis for a moment.

This is seriously the best party of the year and since GIGC and I started going to it, We've never missed one.

Why even the chance to spot the elusive Johnny Wad has become a thing of legend like a balanced U.S. budget,or gas prices under a dollar a litre.

In fact, Pottahawk accounts for nearly all my Blog traffic at this time of the year.

So you can see why my head is elsewhere, but at least this week there are lots of pictures to look at.

Favre from over

In what can only be viewed as bad news for Vikings fans and great news for Packers fans, the typical source of Brett Favre-related employment news – the Biloxi (Miss.) Sun-Herald – is reporting that, in an interview with Favre, he has indicated he wants to return in 2008 and possibly beyond.

and so does , Jim Brown, William Refrigerator Perry and Walter Payton back from the grave.

Favre, who has held the Packers organization hostage a couple of times over his on-again, off-again wish to retire, feels rejuvenated from the Packers' 13-3 season and thinks he can still play at a high level and have team success.

If he does return next season, Favre will be the oldest Quarterback in the NFL.

But not the oldest player. That would be Jim Brown at age 72.

Things that change shape in the night

Hong Kong firm James Law Cybertecture is building yet another crazy building in Dubai called Shuffle Tower. The "shuffle" refers to the random mix of designs and uses that are encased in this one structure, plus the physical shifts that the building parts will make over time. Here's a breakdown of its many random parts.

- The top portion is a residential tower.
- The middle is an office tower.
- The bottom section is a huge shopping mall.
- The round spaces in between are communal sky gardens.
- The entire building is mechanically jacked, so each section twists slowly, giving people different views of the oceanfront over time.
- Estimated completion date: 2009

Where do you put the money in to get your potato chips?

Push, push, PUSH!

A US man dubbed the world's first pregnant man has given birth to a baby girl in the state of Oregon.

Thirty-four-year-old Thomas Beatie was born a woman, but underwent gender realignment surgery and is legally recognised as a man.

He was able to conceive because he retained his female organs when he underwent the sex change.

Could you imagine being the guy who makes a mistake like that in a bar and wakes up the next morning? Then you get the call that you've made another dude pregnant.

A hospital source said: 'The baby girl is healthy and the mother - or father - and baby have been allowed to leave the hospital.'

A practical question at this point: Is he going to breast feed?

Some reports suggest that Mr Beatie had a Caesarean section.

My money is on, "he shat it out". Anyway you look at it call the psychiatrist, this kid is going to be fucked up.

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