Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pottahawk by the numbers

It's been fun hasn't it. Another Pottahawk has come and gone. We've laughed at the outragous events over the past few weeks; explored the debauchery, relived the magic. Now it's time to shed a tear for I must return to regular blogging duties.

I'm not saying there won't be the odd Pottahawk post from time to time because their will. Somethings I wanted to post, I was just too damn lazy to get to by months end. But good things come to those who wait.

In the mean time I will leave you with the final tally of

Pottahawk by the numbers.

Number of people attending this year's event: Thousands and thousands.

Number of boats: 1500

Anchors stepped on: 1500

Police charges laid: 51-

Keep in mind this does not include public urination.

30 were Liquor Licence Act violations, 17 were in relation to the Canada Shipping Act, 3 with regards to Operator and Pleasure Craft Regulations, 2 Trespassing, and 1 violation of the Highway Traffic Act.

Highway traffic act? Must have been the dude driving the golf cart.

Booze ingested: Enough to fill 82 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Deaths reported: 0- But in all honesty would you report it if you killed someone? Opps! I've said too much. And the numbers do not reflect all those who didn't use sunscreen. I'll get back to you in twenty years or so.

Estimated urination: Water level rose 1.8 cm and the ph value dropped a full man! that's a lot of piss!

Breasts exposed: 213

Mustache rides given: 8

Beer bottle insertions: 2

Girl on girl action: Too numerous to mention. See numbers for people in attendance.

Johnny wad sightings: 67

Mustache rides given to Johnny Wad: 2

Boo sightings: Who cares?

Strangedaze page views the month of July: Over 6,000. Thank you for helping us break the previous record here at Strangedaze.

Oh! Almost forgot. Water tight cameras found: 1

Of course it goes without saying if this camera is not claimed I will develop it myself and perhaps put up a few of the pictures here. Suddenly those pictures of you and your father in the tool shed, you thought would never see the light of day are in jeopardy.

So if you don't want the world to see your meat muffin, you better contact me quick.

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