Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Moments in Pottahawk history

Pottahawk was discovered in 1851 by Ol' Jim "One Tooth" Dixon. Dixon was known as a rainbow chaser- forever searching for the pot of gold.

In his quest to seek his fortune, Dixon, known to his close friends as "The Hawk", inexplicably built a wooden raft and set out from the stormy shores of Turkey Point with a canteen, some prospecting tools and his faithful mule "Winnie".

After fourteen months, Dixon returned, minus the mule and his pot of gold, but with wild tales of an island of calm shores and knee deep sandbars where he felt people could gather once a year to celebrate the passing of his mule.

Hence, the Island "The Hawk" spoke of, became known as "Pot-O-Hawk".

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