Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tales from the road (part 26)

When Private Sector hit the stage in Kazabazua they were already in a foul mood. Initially slated as part of Quebec City's 400th anniversary the band believed they would be on the main stage with the likes of Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Paul Anka, Rue Paul, and the Band of Pauls. Instead, the band found themselves performing an hour and a half up the road opening for French Country and Western sensation, "Fist Full O' Stetsons".

The official explanation for the last minute switch was, "Private sector just wasn't 'Paul' enough to be on the bill".

Placed in front of a rather hostile crowd who expected country and already angry over the arrangement, Sector virtually fell apart on stage and ended their set six songs in.

The bad news? They'll have to do it all again tonight on the same stage.

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