Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tales from the road (part 21)

Private Sector returned to a former strong hold from the touring days of yore when they performed the first of two shows in Sioux Lookout.

Although it had been thirty years since the boys last graced the stage in this region, age had not drained any of their enthusiasm and potency.

In an effort to capitalize on the return of Sector after three decades and a chance to lure massive crowds away from the charity casino, the bar decreed last night "Aqua Velva Night" with shots of Aqua Velva on at half price.

Sector bassist/ vocalist, Don Barley spoke after the show, "I couldn't believe how many fights there were and that was just the women; the puking on the stage; the hair pulling; the flatulence- it was just like the times we remembered the last time we were here. It brings a tear to the eye."

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