Thursday, July 17, 2008

Better than all the pretenders

Pottahawk still rules, although I could do with out the uneventful exodus of boats at the Big Bob's boat launch. "What do you think Judges?"

I swear to God, if I hear "Sweet Home Alabama" one more time, I won't just piss in the water next year, I'll let a few Hersey's Kisses go. Try walking around those floaters.

Despite its faults, you must admit Pottahawk at the Point is much better than the copy cat celebrations elsewhere.

Take for instance the German equivalent "Pottahaukeun Keller" That is put on every year just before Oktoberfest in a man made lake of beer that is usually consumed dry before noon of the first day.

or "StevenPottaHawking" held once a year for the handicapped.

Then there's "PottaHawkeyePeirce" the pottahawk for Alan Alda lookalikes. If you ask me the guy in the uniform is a pretty good likeness.

In fact, the only one that even comes close to ours is the Irish Patty'O-Hawk. But you have to look like this guy in order to go and that's kind of creepy.


The Mayor said...

That Alan Alda, what an insufferable prick. Will I be attending PottaHawkeyePeirce next year again? Yes I will. Will I enjoy it? Probably not, but I just can't seem to quit him.

Strange said...

May I suggest Hot Lips Hoolihanapalooza instead. Now there's a good time.