Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nearing the end of the week by the numbers

20 ridiculous action movie sequences.

10 video tribute to Scott Baio. It’s like driving by an accident involving a couple of Clown Cars and there’s blood ,guts and the carnage of happy painted faces everywhere. You have to look.

The top 25 ridiculous band names.

25 car names that are funnier with the word "Anal" inserted in front of them. Hey, I wonder if this would work with the Scott Baio link?


Reg said...

It has been a busy week Strange so I am behind in my reading. I assume that this is Pottahawk weekend, enjoy. - Reg

Strange said...

Actually Reg, Pottahawk is 3 weeks away, so you still have time to rent the dingy for the best day ever, or we can tow you out on the tube.

Either way, you really should experience it.