Thursday, June 21, 2007

Getting Thursday by the numbers

Forget Summer officially arrives today and from now on the days get shorter in a long slow death into winter, we have more important things to attend to you and

10 obscure beer brands. Includes beer for dogs. Now aren't you happy you stopped by today.

See if you fight like a girl. 10 ultimate girl on girl punch-ups

7 disgusting flavours we never got a chance to love.

You know what? I'm glad I don't live in Japan. 10 bizarre Japanese soft-drinks. Seems to me, you could slip most of these into the last category.

Because you've been good....except for you GIGC- You've been very,very's today's bonus link. How to make a ping-pong gun capable of taking down enemies and killing small animals- especially that beer drinking dog.

I can't tell you how much fun we've had around the Mayor's office with these babies. Everyone loves them.....almost everyone....there is Old One-eyed Charlie. He doesn't care for them so much.

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