Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fodder's Day

I’ve been a little remiss in my duties this week as far as keeping an ear out for all things freaky and weird. Hence, I have nothing in the way of news to Blog about.

Sure, there was talk of making public breast feeding the norm, which would destroy the sale of milk-based products in restaurants and grocery stores.

And alarming statistics were released concerning an increase in accidents when wearing stilettos while driving , but since my last accident I’ve moved to the more comfortable flip-flops.

I guess really, my mind has been preoccupied with Father’s Day and band rehearsals- which are going fine BTW- thanks for asking. Just check this out. We could probably start doing shows tomorrow and would probably still be playing now if the Ice Cream Truck hadn't showed up.

Thanks to the ubiquitous Bob Noxious for providing the video evidence. That was him in the red shorts coming on to stage right.

In all I’m not left with much of a blog this week. My sincerest apologies, or “you owe me one”- depending on which side of the Strange fence you sit.

However, I will leave you with this hopefully entertaining tidbit.....

Great moments in Pottahawk history

The first Pottahawk was no where near the great success it is today, happening purely by accident. It was the Roaring 20's when an errant beach goer dropped his pocket watch in the murky waters of Pottahawk. Many a considerate bystander agreed to help him find it in the waist-deep soup.

Yet, it wasn’t until later in the day when a young woman also lost her knickers that the excitement increased to a fevered pitch- a sexual feeding frenzy, that is to this day, unmatched in the celluloid annals of modern Adult Bukkake Cinema .

In later years the acts of wanton sex would give way to the less intrusive ritual of women showing off their breasts for the accumulation of dollar store beads, with all curbing their lust by ingesting alcohol in an on going reckless destruction of the liver.

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