Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Queen

The Queen was a good movie, however, I was disappointed. I waited for an actor depicting Freddie Mercury the whole film and he never appeared. All I got was James Cromwell as Prince Philip doing a very bad British accent, “I say lads, I nearly popped that stag with my trusty musket. Well, must run and tell the Queen Mum, ta-ta, pip-pip, cheerio, and all that sort.”

Believe it or not, he actually had three months of vocal coaching! I haven’t heard an accent that bad since GIGC tried her English accent which sounded more like a Southern U.S., Rastifarian, Baptist.

Helen Mirren did a remarkable portrayal in the lead roll. She looks like the Queen, she waves like the Queen, She even talks like the Queen- Cromwell are you taking notes? You know what? Why don't you just go back to trying to kill Jack Bauer....

All which leads me to believe she must be getting banged quite a lot by guys with Queen fetishes. "Come on baby! Knight my bishop and call me Sir Lance-a-lot.....No, leave the wig on."

In fact, I couldn’t fathom how many Queen Fetish sites there are on the internet.....thousands of them! I just opened one up in another window and I’m looking at it right now.....Oh wait that’s for something totally different....sorry....gotta go. Time to surf some porn.

Tomorrow: Little Miss Sunshine

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