Wednesday, February 28, 2007

In senced

You may have noticed ad sense was moved to the sidebar, or then again maybe you didn't. The reason for this is simple. I’ve reached a breaking point with them. It’s one thing if you can choose your own content. It’s quite another when they throw-up –notice my choice of words?– whatever they damn well please.

I guess it’s a toss up between the ad for Tucker balls and Religious messages that have hounded my site over the past week. All of which has raised my ire. I found the Cat Oral ones amusing, but Trucker Balls? What’s next? Cock Sausage?

And I’m probably the most non religious person on the planet, but I find anyone who tries to push their beliefs on me, or anyone else for that matter, highly offensive.

So, ad sense has been know what?....I'm just going to delete the damn thing altogether. I’ll find my own affiliate programs. Something better suited and that makes more sense than the sense their pushing at Google.

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