Thursday, February 15, 2007

Luke! I am, Anna Nichole's baby's father

The last two days, I've been snowed in at an Econolodge in Canandaigua, just outside of Rochester N.Y. Suffice it to say, I've had a lot of time to watch E-True Hollywood Stories.

I've been amazed at the common thread all actors seem to share: The callous ability to fall in love quickly; to get married within hours of consummation; to fall out of love even quicker; and hide behind "irreconcilable differences" in a divorce a week later.

Seems to me, with a craft that demands so many hours in a multitude of exotic locations, you'd have more sense about getting hitched.

If it was me, I'd just make my millions and fuck when the need presented itself- three,four times daily. After all, isn't that why you're given a trailer?

But breakups are good for tabloid business and sell advertising on car wrecks like E-True. So it shouldn't come as a surprise so many are throwing their hats into the Anna Nichole baby ring vying for paternity....Who's next? Ellen Degeneres?

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