Saturday, March 22, 2008

They blowed up real good

Seems to me society and technology have changed greatly over the years. In some cases making monumental leaps and bounds. Yet, there are things that never seem to progress and I have one of those items today here at Strangedaze. I give you the celebrity blow up doll.

Granted in my day they didn't have the celebrity model touting the likes Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and J. Lo, but other than that it's the same old product. How do I know this? Well my friends, I am not ashamed to say I owned one. Her name was Wonda and she was the Private Sector prop for an original song performed fifth in the second set. Every night we trotted her out as the main visual segue into the song known as "In Love with a Stranger."
We proudly noted her life-like hair, her ability to gaze longingly into your eyes with out blinking and her three! count'em THREE! tunnels of love.

Given the audience reaction she was more of a celerity than the mounds of cheap
plastic displayed at the link. Come on! Does the doll with the moniker "J. Ho" look like J. Lo to you?.....OK other than the ass. I've seen more realistic meat curtains in a butcher shop.

You'd think with the amount of full frontal nudity Hollywood is pitching our way with mainstream actors baring all, someone could reconstruct a decent facsimile of the product they're selling. It's not like I'm asking you to mask that new plastic smell, just give the poor sods in the dark shades and overcoats what they paid for.

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