Saturday, March 08, 2008

No dying on my watch

Two fuckin' posts in one day? So much for the reputation of fuckin' lazy bastard. However, I saw this fucked-up story and thought, "What the fuck?" (sorry- See McLovin spoonful post from earlier today.)

There seems to be a few villages in France, Sarpourenx being one, that have outlawed dying. Damn French! They give the world fries, lacy underwear and the words, "Huh-huh!" and they think they can do whatever they please.

The mayor of the French village has issued a decree banning residents from dying in his territory unless they own a spot in the overcrowded cemetery.

That's right. If you want to live forever go there and under no circumstances purchase a burial plot. Voila! Immortality is yours my brother/ sister/ mollusk.

It is forbidden for any person not having a plot in the cemetery ... to die on the territory of the village," the mayor wrote in a decree that warned of "severe punishment" for offenders.

Like what? Death?

"The first dead person to come along, I'll send him to the state's representative," he said.

Yeah, that's a much worse punishment. Say, why don't we get all Dirty Harry on their ass and kill all the villagers? See how they deal with that one.

Lalane said he had been inspired by the mayor of another French village, Cugnaux, who had also outlawed death as a protest last year.

You know, I think I have an idea for Mitchieville's current over population problem. "Hello, Mayor?"

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