Thursday, March 13, 2008

Subliminal or sublime?

Sorry about yesterday's interruption, but time is a precious commodity and something I seem to have little of these days.

I understand everyone wants to get to the bottom of the unwritten fascination with the penis and we still have a lot of ground to cover.

Today I'm exploring the subliminal messages in media involving erotica. Most notably the penis. If you've seen Fight Club you'll have an idea what I mean.

Dear Strange:

I recently came across a book by researcher Wilson Bryan Key in which he claims to find subliminal images of sex, death, and the occult stuck into photos in print advertisements. They range from screaming skulls airbrushed into ice cubes to an orgy depicted in a plate of fried clams. My major impression is that Key is a crackpot (he can find the letters S-E-X spelled out anywhere there are squiggly lines), but some of his findings seem a little too real to be coincidental. What's the truth, Strange? Do advertisers really hide these images (while denying all, of course), or does Key just have an active imagination? --Jay P., Chicago

Who the hell is Wilson Bryan Key? First order of business Jay: Don't believe what you reed from anyone with three names. In fact I would suggest, you probably stop singing The Star Spangled Banner as well.

Secondly: Have you not been paying attention? This week it's about the penis only and therefore the penis in subliminal messages like the still from The Little Mermaid you see here; a movie you probably took your four year old daughter to see and now wonder why she parks for hours on end next to the park on my street with her pimply-faced boyfriend before upchucking life's precious goo onto the asphalt to mix with the road salt.

Disney is notorious for placing subliminal erotica in their animation all because that self-absorbed, asshole Walt wouldn't give his animators credit any where.

The lesson learned: Always reward your employees for a job well done.

But now I'm out of the precious time I referred to earlier and I'm no nearer to stating the point of my original intention- thanks a bunch Jay!

If you still need to learn more about Subliminal Messages you can try to pick up a copy of Private Sector's, Silent Sorrow in Empty Boats with the song Subliminal Messages on it.

It's now considered a collector's item.......collecting dust that is.

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