Friday, March 14, 2008

Is it really a laughing matter?

I've gone over this week's material and I tells ya....I'm no nearer to figuring out the attraction of man's eleventh finger when it comes to women. It wouldn't have anything to do with history, nor religious icons. Not even the subliminal aspects can convince me they're to blame.

Hell, the closet post would have to be Wednesday's Donkey Punch and that's so far off the mark you won't see it on any penis map.

Perhaps it's simply the maternal instinct? "Impregnate me now mother-scratcher! I'll even go down on you just this once."

Then I got to thinking, it must be a humour issue. As a gender we are a funny lot- cracking jokes; doing stupid things; always slipping in sexual innuendo that ends up leading you to Scrotal University.

That must be it. I've got a friend who's a comedian and he gets laid all the time....even in his sleep. The fact that he has an oversized shlong has nothing to do with it.....right?

So today, let's explore Dick Jokes and see where that leads us.

On second thought, never mind.

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