Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Snow day by the numbers

It's another snow day here at Strangedaze and if you find yourself in the same kettle of squid, you're going to have time on your me.

So here are some time consuming numbers while we wait to thaw out.

Since today you may be skipping work....again.....perhaps it's time to look at 100 things you should never say in a job interview.

My faves:

12. "When I get nervous in interviews, I like to picture the other person naked, with my junk in their mouth."

26. "Is that a picture of your family? Your wife's uterus must be totally blown out."

57. "When I said a retard could do this job, of course I meant a highly functioning retard."

10 Ridiculous sex scenes
which is all a matter of opinion because I think some of them are the best sex scenes ever....Pink Flamingos, Team America......nuff said.

THIS! IS! THE!...The top 20 over the top performances ever. Khan!.... Kahn!.....Kahn!

5 books that can actually make you stupider. I guess my blog wouldn't count.......

Top 10 white guys with afros.

10 great bitch slaps.

OK that's a good hour and a half waisted.

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