Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super ads? I think not

Usually at this time of the year I cover the Super Bowl ads that I never saw. You see, when you watch the game up here in Hinterland, you don't get the real commercials.

Our telecast comes through a Canadian affiliate who'd rather bombard us with endless ads promoting Degrassi, Corner Gas and Sticks and Stones a made for TV movie about hockey and friendship.

All I can say is, thank Christ "The Beachcombers" isn't on anymore.

So the blog becomes a forum for the commercials we Canucks were deprived of. However, after viewing a few of this years offerings I became bored and just snatched the link to post on Strangedaze.

You'd think with all the creative minds and CGI tech out there, entertainment wouldn't be an issue.

But in my opinion it is. So look if you want, but when you're tired you can always come back here and view some real entertainment.

Hinterland's Who's Who.....

or the Beachcombers.

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