Saturday, February 23, 2008

And the Cunt goes to......

In past years the word "Fuck" has surfaced with monotonous regularity in mainstream cinema. One need look no further than last year’s Oscar winner The Departed which had more fucks in it than the entire Ron Jeremy catalogue.

I know I've posted it before, but perhaps you need to be reminded....

The word has been so misused that we now have become immune and never flinch when we hear it in every day life. "Timmy you little fuck! You wiped your shitty diaper all over the fuckin' wall!"

I remember back in the good old days when my mother dragged me to see the Godfather and I heard the curse of all curses, I was stunned. I thought I was seeing an X-rated movie. As I recall that movie also gave me my first glimpse of on screen titties although they were more like traffic cones than the breasts I`d envisioned as I humped my pillow.

But now fuck is as common as good morning. Why earlier today I said, "hello and good morning you fuck" to my neighbour Mike. What can I say I`m a friendly personable guy.

So I ask now that we're all fucked out....where do we go from here?

Fortunate for us the word "Cunt" is waiting behind the bushes to jump out and offend us all. Truly this is the last shocking word left to abuse, and Hollywood has become more callous with its use over the past few years.

I`m starting to here cunt in more and more films and some TV programs. It's only a matter of time before it makes the great leap into the mainstream. "Try new and improved Always with wings. It makes your cunt feel like it's gliding on air."

I understand in places like Ireland cunt is as common place as ordering ale or having your liver replaced. "Come on down to the pub Jimmy and bring yer cunt mother with ya," but here, that`s another story.

Whether you secretly adore the word, or not, be sure the cunt is coming.

If I were to award the best use of the word this year, I'd have to say,
the first annual Cunt Award, or Cunty if you prefer, would go to the film Atonement for not only using the word, but displaying it in big black arial lettering across the screen.

Well done in the cunt department boys....too bad your movie fuckin' sucked.

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