Monday, November 03, 2008

Weening out the worst costumes.

I was at a few Halloween parties on the weekend despite my last minute construction of cutting a few holes in a sheet and going as a lame ghost. I figured if I had trudged into a costume shop at the eleventh hour on Halloween I'd be staring at some slim-pickin's.

Judging by some of the costumes I saw of others, who also waited, I made the right decision. just check out what some people paid for.

Sponge Bob for adults.

I guess Russel Oliver didn't show up for this ATM "Cash Man" costume.

One Night Stand, or was it Stan? I can't remember.

Guy with a heart-on.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your Biggest Fan, but it looks like the shit just hit him.

Goth Milk

God's Gift to Women.

OK, I admit I would have bought this one. The Breathalyzer. The guy got blown all night long.

Even couples weren't immune as per by Lock and Key.

Big Fork and Spoon. I think I saw the Spoon chick run away with some guy dressed as a dish later in the evening.

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