Friday, November 14, 2008

40 Days and 40 nights

I was thinking about my rant earlier this week about Christmas advertising and how rampant it is, even in early November.

As of tomorrow there are only 40 days left to get your high-priced commercial bullshit.

Yet, many have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas as a symbol, however misguided, for the birth day of little Baby Jesus.

Now hold on there. I'm as far away from a religious dude as you can be possibly be no matter what denomination.

I am so anti-religion, in fact, that I have half-a-mind to walk into a place of worship, just to tell them I'm leaving.

However, I believe if you're going to get a hardon for the holiday season it's no good discovering you have erectile dysfunction. Which is to say, I can only duck and dodge the commercialism of the yule spirit for so long.

But there's no reason I can try to keep you on the right path and remind you of the true meaning of Christmas without loosing the commercial edge......

So remember: As of tomorrow, only 40 shopping days left to Christmas.

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