Thursday, November 27, 2008

By deffinition

In my quest for shocking pictures, items, information, what-have-you this week has been mostly a dead end- yielding little more than gaping yawn.

However, there was the this Wikipedia link I found shocking. It discusses anilingus, from deffinition and slang- my favorite being "tossing the salad", to health risks and oral cancer.

It wasn't the content I found shocking, or the animated picture of two women eating ass, if was the fact such a thing was even in Wikipedia, with such glorious detail, in the first place.

I'm not even sure what I typed in the search engine, or what led me to be there, but it got me to thinking about ass-to-mouth, and those deification movies I saw when I was in Amsterdam.

Shocking! Again, not for the content, but that someone would actually perform such an act.

I mean what's next; Cooking with sperm as an ingredient in food?

Bonus link: Just in time for Christmas, or that horrible holiday breakup- Semen based recipes!

Tomorrow: Sea Men based recipes- Arrgh!

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