Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jane's was right

In an attempt to bring you the best in shocking material, I have discovered, in the words of Jane's Addiction, "Nothings Shocking".

Look at Ebay. Usually a cesspool of all things shocking, disgusting and tasteless and they have nothing.

Sure there are shocking links and visuals out there in the wide universe of cyberspace, 2 Girls-1 cup, springs to mind, but that ship has already sailed and been posted on these pages long ago to collective yawns. So too, has the Electric Retard, Offensive Cartoons,the Turrets Guy and my novels. There are no taboo stones left unturned.

Is it just that we've become desensitized by all media, or dumbed down by the constant bombardment of elements around us? Does it really take some dude decapitating another dude on a Greyhound bus for us to bat an eyelash?

And where does this leave me, Ol' Strange in the midst of "Shocker Week"?

Don't worry. I'll figure something out.....

As a reasonable substitute I now present Cat vs Printer....

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