Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our little Dickie grows up

When I first met Dickie he was working for Vachon supplying vending machines and stores with fattening cakes and Moon-Pies. Well, at least that's what I thought he did for a living- no one was really sure.

Over the years Dickie has been through the spectrum of job descriptions; from Private Investigator, to Head-Hunter, to Actor, Dickie has done it all. He traveled the country in search of happiness, in search of the perfect job, in search of the perfect lifestyle, all which has led him back home.

Over the past year, I have witnessed the transformation and the maturity of the man who once penned the song "Mosquito Fuck" and thought he had a legitimate chance of taking the music business by storm.

Now, he is content and happy. He has met the woman he has searched the world over for. He has purchased a house in the South Shwa with in shouting distance of the famed Corral and he is getting married in Mexico next February to which I and GIGC will bear witness.

It is a far cry from the days where he spent six months on a couch in Syracuse and was periodically accosted by fat, balding, gay Koreans.

Our little Dickie has earned the right to be "Shocker of the Week."


The Mayor said...

Are the Mexican authorities aware of this yet?

My word verification for this comment was *mentles.*

Strange said...

No, but they will be after we leave. I'm pretty sure about that. It is after all...all inclusive.

My word verification for my comment was "stram". Which is almost "storm" if you put you mind to it.