Tuesday, November 18, 2008

OK, I surrender

Fine! You want it that way? I acquiesce. I'll start posting the Xmas shit.

I can't compete anyway. The neighbors have put their lights up (At least they don't leave them up year round.)

Yesterday I was accosted by one of those creepy mechanical dancing/ singing Santa's in Walmart and everywhere I go store fronts are decorated with fake snow, red, gold and silver baubles surrounded by empty boxes made to look like presents.

Some might say I'm just a Scrooge, ba-humbugging my way through a festive season, but at least wait until December before you make that judgement.

This type of blatant bombardment is no different then seeing display cases full of paper hearts and candy January 1st, or painted eggs and chocolate rabbits two weeks before the end of February.

And if that didn't make you mad, then I need you to lend me some money I'll never pay back- call it an early Christmas gift.

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