Sunday, June 15, 2008

This week brought to you by the letter "F"

Friday the 13th

Although PD13 festivities have all but wrapped up, it's not the last we'll hear of this year's event. Not only did the community reach it's target of 10,000
motorcycles, they blasted towards a single-event world record of over 12,000 tagged motorcycles. In all, officials estimate more than 30,000 attended the event. Manager of Tourism and Economic Development, Clark Hoskin, says bikes came in from as far as New York, California, Quebec, Georgia, Maryland and across the Great Lakes Region. OPP reported no significant incidents and said the mood was relatively calm throughout the entire event.

I love this event. It's one of the last places on earth I can walk around with my shirt off and not get ridiculed. There's always someone fatter, or a chick with bigger tits than me as well.

Freedom day

This year's Tax Freedom Day, as it has come to be called, comes four days earlier than last year's date thanks to the reduction of the federal goods and services tax to 5% from 6%, as well as tax cuts across various provinces, the institute said.

As well, 2008 is a leap year, automatically bumping the date up one day to June 14th.

The taxes used to compute Tax Freedom Day are income taxes, as well as property taxes, sales taxes, profit taxes, social, health security and employment taxes. Also taken into consideration are import duties, license fees, taxes on the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, natural resource fees, fuel taxes and hospital taxes.

Is it just me or do we all pay way too much fuckin' tax?

"Given the number of different taxes imposed on Canadians, it is virtually impossible to know exactly how much tax we pay," said Niels Veldhuis, director of fiscal studies at the Fraser Institute. "The point of Tax Freedom Day is to give people a comprehensive and easy-to-understand indicator of the total amount of taxes paid to all three levels of government."

Personally I feel the point of Tax Freedom Day is to understand just how much Government dick we take up the puckering balloon knot.

Father's day

I posted this yesterday as well, but what the hell, it's funny and it's Father's Day.


Hi-ho-the -dairy-o the Mayor takes a wife.

And for anyone who missed the blessed event, it was a spectacular affair with chocolate strawberry fountains, horse-drawn carriages, and a guest list not seen since Chuck and Di.

TLDG looked stunning in her white dress sparkling with sequins and a train that ran longer than a NHL playoff overtime- it was still leaving the church this morning!

And the Mayor looked sharp in his tux. In fact the last time I saw him look this dapper was in his landslide defeat of that bastard Jerry Casby, in the mayoral elections of 2006.

Here is an exclusive picture of the 2 girls one cup wedding cake, that I might add, was absolutely delicious. Such nutty and rich chocolate. It was chocolate right?

The Mayor and his new Bride are now on their honeymoon in gorgeous downtown Milton.

Hey I'm sorry! I thought it said A Rubik- as in cube, on the registry, not Aruba.

Any-hoo....congrats you two. Much happiness!

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