Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tales from the road (part 11)

Once again Private Sector found themselves in a heap of trouble via the mouth of drummer Brian Christopher. This time it came courtesy of the Eureka Tribune before last nights show at "The Pissed-off Mexican".

When asked what he knew about California, Christopher responded, "They have gay marriages here. There's a lot of Mexicans and even more pedophiles. Who knows.....probably mostly gay, pedophile, Mexicans? Now where's my rum and coke? Say, did I mention there are a lot of pedophiles in California?"

Those words resonated well into the performance and Christopher found himself dodging projectiles all night long- mostly rum and cokes. At one point a long cylindrical, battery-operated object struck keyboardist Bob Stone in the head and the show had to be stopped while he was revived.

Oddly enough the next song was Sector's "The Torture Never Stops".

The band moves on to Colorado.

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