Friday, June 27, 2008

Like a deer in the headlights

No seriously, if you're headed to the cottage this weekend watch the roads carefully for kamikaze deer and other animals bolting across your path.


Apparently the bug problem is so bad up north this year that even the animals can't stand it and are charging into open areas to escape the constant onslaught.

Why am I suddenly thinking there's a video game in the making?

Early hockey pool suggestions

Anyone the Leafs are getting rid of: Sundin, Tucker, Wellwood, Raycroft, McCabe, Kubina.

Everyone knows players always do much better once they get the hell out of Toronto.

Don't look now but your Gay is showing

Toronto's hotels, bars and restaurants quickly filled up this week as tourists started arriving for the gay pride festival. Close to a million people are expected to take part in the schedule of events, including a sold-out performance by comedian Sandra Bernhard.

Toronto's gay pride festival continues this weekend with a lesbian-dyke march Saturday afternoon, and the larger gay pride parade Sunday.

Last year's parade featured 144 floats and about 5,000 marchers, with police estimating the crowd at about 800,000 people.

Should be dead

Amy Winehouse: Why is this woman still alive?

The 24-year-old, a crack cocaine addict, is suffering from the early stages of the incurable lung disease.

Alright! So there is hope after all.

Actually died

Sadly, George Carlin. Now let's check with the good people at Death Pool and see who scored big with Carlin's death.

You know, some how I don't think he'd be displeased.

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