Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tales from the road (part 12)

In an effort to make up for what has been a near disasterous U.S. leg of Private Sector's "Two in the Pink one in the Stink Tour", the band, who were playing "Dribbles" in Yuma Colorado last night, had a free kitten give-a-way to those in attendance.

Surprisingly no one threw anything at the stage and the performance went off with a minimum of glitches. No kittens were hurt in the moshpit either.

"Thank God this part of the tour is over", a visibly tired Don Barley, (bass/ vocals), lamented after the show. "It's almost like we've been cursed."

Let's hope the sacrificial kittens will appease the great Rockin' Roll Gods and turn things around as the boys head home for shows in Canada.

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