Sunday, June 01, 2008

Tales from the road (part 1)

As Private Sector prepare for their first tour in 20-odd years, final preparations are taking place at the end of a grueling two month rehearsal regimen that will see P.S. cover their storied musical career with a blazing two and half hour set spanning all eight releases.

It has been a long torturous road to a point few thought would happen and it almost didn't. As late as yesterday afternoon several injuries plagued the band and thoughts turned to postponing the tour. Keyboardist Rob Stone swallowed a bug, drummer Brian "Bug" Christopher swallowed a stone and singer Chris Strange broke three fingers after he punched a wall in a blind rage when he discovered someone had eaten the last "Hello Kitty" Pudding cup.

The guys, however, plugged on like true professionals and the "Two in the Pink One in the Stink Tour" will open as scheduled Tuesday June 3rd at the Crooked Dick in Yahookitzville North Dakota.

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