Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tales from the road (part 9)

With drummer Brian Christopher back in the fold after being discovered half-naked in a local sushi restaurant with a pot of Chai tea and reciting lines from "A Clockwork Orange", Private Sector pressed on to Texas for two shows.

However, a bomb threat from an anonymous caller had authorities pull the plug on last nights performance at "Guns Guns Guns" in Waco.

Sargent Leroy Grubles of the Waco police said, "The risk was too great. The caller said if the band hit the stage the club would be blown up, everyone would die and that to tell Chris Strange (Private Sector's lead singer) they loved him."

After a sweep of the club by the bomb squad no explosive devices were found and the band will try again tonight, under heightened security, to do back-to-back shows and accommodate crowds from both nights.

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