Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Simply glorious

You'll have to admit if you were anywhere near the Big Smoke today, it was splendid weather....once the fog lifted and the drunks rolled back into the alleys that is.

And with the sun smiling down I couldn't help thinking summer was finally within reach, which made me think of chicks in bikinis, which made me think of the world cup of cricket for some strange reason-- a silly game that takes a fort night to play....damn! But back to thoughts of chicks in bikinis.....what you too?

Let us dream together my friend.....perhaps of chicks in bikinis playing cricket? If I may be so bold?

Oh yeah! That's it. Dance you little nymphs.


Reg said...

Cricket, my new fave sport!

Strange said...

But do you have the stamina to play it Reg?

Reg said...

No, no I don't.