Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hump day by the numbers

Let's start off with: 50 things you'll never hear.

Top 10 Simpson's Intros.

Worst music videos of all time. Thank God there are only 6 of them.

Top 20 Manliest movies.

Top 10 greatest 80's movie bad-asses.

Now that you're machismo is at an all time high, let's look at the Top 10 gruesome sports injuries......Don't look GIGC! Yet I wonder where the clip of the guy at the World's Strongest Man is? His leg broke while he was carrying a fridge on his back. And the minor league goalie who lost his glove and had his fingers sliced off by a passing skate....and....OK I get it. Enough!

Maybe we should have done this one before the sports injuries? Top 10 video games to play while stoned.

Finally, A month of Kama Sutra positions done by chicks. 28 in all. I guess that would make it for February? Sorry for the delay.


Reg said...

Hold on - you can have sex with two women at the same time?

You've got a great site Strange. Don't tell the Mayor I told you that, he's the jealous possesive type.

Reg said...

Okay, the Kama Sutra thing was hot. Very hot. Very, very hot....

Strange said...

Thanks Reg. I value my possition in the Mayor's office. As for the Kama Sutra....kind of makes you wish there were months with more days in them.....hey....wait a minute!