Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tree of the 2 plus hours of life you'll never get back

Gotta tell ya, Ol' Strange didn't even watch this one. I already fulfilled my Brad Pitt quota for the year and I was so afraid from what I've heard that this was going to be 2 plus hours of my life I'd never get I passed.

sadly I know nothing of this film other than it polarized film goers and critics alike. Either you were in the artsy/ hemp-wearing/ I experimented with my own sex in college crowd, or you belonged to the pretentious/ guffaw/ bored as hell popcorn junkies.

But unless the Academy does something stupid- remember The English Patient, Chariots of Fire, Chicago, Crash? I think we're all safe from having to avert our eyes.

All this said if I had to pick a favourite front runner and people's choice I'd say Hugo- you should never bet against Scorsese and that's why he'll probably get the director nod. Descendants will probably win just because of that damn George Clooney, but like I said never count out something stupid from the Academy, or at least a momentary lapse, which means The Artist.

I guess we'll see later tonight?

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