Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jock strapped for cash

Here's how much I watch baseball, I don't even remember when this went down and apparently it happened not that long ago.

It's a classic struggle between David (Oakland A's) and teams like the Yankees (Goliath) where the little engine with no money that could...almost...but not quite got there. It's not like this is a spoiler alert, it's a part of baseball history.

I think this movie is actually about a different David/ Goliath story if you want my opinion; that between a good movie and one worthy of a lofty position in Oscar's top 9.

Sure there's Brad Pitt, Philip Seymour Hoffman's wasted roll and Jonas Hill who puts in a performance that gets him noticed as something other than a comedic actor, but best film? Come on! There have been better Brad Pitt films that were nominated and didn't win. This one shouldn't have made it this far.

It's just another indication of a year that's really a two, maybe three horse race and it's coin flipping time.

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