Friday, February 24, 2012

This clock's ticking

Finally a film worthy of nomination. Brilliant directing, cinematography, art direction, excellent movie.

Now, my reasons why it won't win.

OK look, It's Martin Scorsese. You just don't fuck with Martin. This guy has Woody Allen for lunch and although Hugo is based on a children's book and doesn't display the usual Scorsese fare of busted skulls, bullet riddled flesh and "fucks" a mile a minute, it's still Martin Scorsese and you don't jiggle his junk.

Do you hear me Academy? Do you hear me Clooney?

To play nice, you have to give this dude something, a sign of respect and the Academy will probably do that with a Best Director statue, but Best Film?...I don't know. It always been hard for these fantasy-type movies to break through and earn top-dog honours even when it is clearly the best of a bad lot nominated. I mean it took Peter Jackson three consecutive kicks at the can to walk home rewarded for Lord of the Rings.

Although I'd like Hugo to win and it would be well deserved, the Academy will probably look Clooney's way, or too the Artist with a head scratch saying, "Didn't we give Scorsese an Oscar for The Departed in 2007? He's had his due."

So instead of paying a man his due, expect the Academy to dispense doo-doo.

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