Sunday, February 19, 2012

Extremely dull and incredibly morose

OK, I get it. This movie is meant to make us think on some deeper level about the effects of 9/11, but I just kept finding myself annoyed especially with the kid. I realize that's the way he's supposed to be, yet, for me, it took what should be a visual feast and I found myself waiting for a fantastic meal that never came.

Also, again we have a nominated actor, Max Von Sydow, who has no speaking part...what the hell is going on with the academy these days? Are they now embracing mute rolls the way they did when they doled out Oscars for cross dressing, autism, non gender specific, death camp survivor, physically handicapped, what-have-you disease acting?

Can't see this film getting much recognition next Sunday when so many- critics and audience alike, were surprised to see it even included in the best picture category.
As far as I'm concerned it was a waste of Hank's and Bullock's true potential to shine

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