Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oscars: The Artist

Ok, so it's that time of year where I review the nominated films for the Academy's top award; best film.

Gotta tell ya, Ol' Strange has been feeling a little ho-hum at this years field of horses. 1st up is The Artist. I almost nodded off at the 30 minute mark but miraculously after a punch in the arm from GIGC I recovered and made it to the end.

There are those out there who will tell you this is cinematic genius, a bold statement and an incredibly risky move in today's Hollywood.

Really? People this is a black and white silent film. They made those back in the 20's didn't they? I don't see what's new. The only thing bold and risky here is the Academy giving a best actor nod to a dude who barely says word one in the entire film.

Honestly I don't see this winning, but then again, this year the race is all tortoise, so you never know.

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