Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tales from the road (part 35)

Private Sector arrived in Sindlefingen, Germany to an overwhelming response by a capacity crowd, which triggered the band's best performance to date. It was only after the group left the stage and the crowd finally dispersed that the true intentions of those in attendance were discovered.

Sindlefingen, considered the stealing capital of Europe, didn't disappoint, as patrons took everything that wasn't nailed down, using their over exuberance to mask the five-finger getaway.

Taken were, several tables from the club, assorted glassware, a deep fryer, 8 speakers from the P.A., twelve microphones, two monitors, a box of guitar pics, the E-string from Sector's Don Barley's bass, a four foot section of carpet and a picture of Helmut Kohl.

Also stolen was my camera which accounts for the reason no pictures of last night are posted here.

Security will be beefed up for tonight's performance as Sector play their second of two shows.

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