Monday, August 11, 2008

Strangedaze Television Guide for Sept 01

Although the new television season is almost a month away I have a sneak peak at all your favorite new shows airing this fall.

Week of Sept 01, 2008:


Here is just a taste of what contestants can expect in the toss up round:
"Oh I like beer..."
"I've had three of them..."
"I liked them all; the honey, the Bravo, The Mexican..."
"But I didne' like the what's it called?"

Weeknights 6:00 PM

That's Just Dina: Dina opens an English Muffin stand and runs out of cheese.

Mon. 8:00 PM

Oh That Joe!: Joe has a plan. (2- part season premier).

Mon. 8:30 PM

Gilligan`s Eyelid: The medical team at Gilligan`s General is miniaturized and inserted into the gal bladder of a young woman to remove stones. The Olsen Twins guest star.

Mon. 10:00 PM

What Would Hitler Do: Some of the subjects up for grabs with the contestants this week are: What would Hitler do if- Jesus had been born to Ava Braun; Microwave ovens had been available in WWII; If those German dudes had only not opened the damn Ark of the Covenant in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Tues. 8:00 PM

The Screaming Trudeaus: Trouble is afoot on Machismo Lane as a strange woman moves into an abandoned house on the corner. Guest star: Rebbecca De Mornay.

Tues. 10:00 PM

E-True Pottahawk Stories: Examines the growing popularity of Pottahawk icon Johnny wad.

Wed. 9:00 PM

The Golden Mitchums: Relocating from Parkdale, the Mitchum Family moves into a new territory at Bathurst and Wilson, an area controlled by the vicious gang the Mazal Tov Cocktails and a long feud between the two factions begins.

Wed. 10:00 PM

Meet the Bukkakes: Jeb Dweezil- John Goodman- invites his new Asian neighbors over for dinner only to discover there are twenty of them. They leave a mess that his wife is none too happy about.

Thus. 8:00 PM

Survivor the Shwa: Dabney Colman kicks off the season by depositing the 18 contestants- all from upper income families- at the Corral in Oshawa with no money, no food and no ability to make fire. All are challenged to pick up someone with a full set of teeth or find the "Little Bob" hidden immunity idol.

Thurs. 9:00 PM

C.S.I. Whitby: Morton Gibbs- Jason Alexander- is called to the GM plant in Oshawa to solve the bizarre murder of an employee walking the picket line.
George Hamilton Guest stars.

Fri. 9:00 PM

Dickie Helps: Dickie kicks off his season by exploring what went wrong with a homeowner's deck. (A 2-part episode), Tune in for the exciting conclusion in eight months.

Sat. 6:30 PM

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