Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tales from the road (part 30)

Private Sector returned home Friday to address the sudden death of a family member believed to be related to Sector, Bassist/ vocalist, Don Barley.

However, before landing it became evident that the news had been lost in translation when delivered by a Lithuanian stage-hand and the deceased was not related to Don Barley, but Golden Mitchum's singer Ron Gnarly, (pictured right), who were performing a charity event in North Kilt Town outside of Edinburgh.

Gnarly was immediately informed of the oversight- three songs into their set- and subsequently went crazy, trashing the stage, overturning two baby carriages and biting a local hotdog vendor.

Meanwhile Sector took the opportunity to play a surprise unplugged set up at Sibbald point, one year to the day after their first reunion performance with fellow unplugged band Kong.

Sector fly back to England for a set at the Reading Festival, at "Chapters/Indigo" Tomorrow night.

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