Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amazing yard sale finds #1

On Saturday, GIGC and I decided to have a little Strangedaze garage sale. We did well and sold many a garage. It was so much fun that I decided to walk the hood and see if I couldn't pick up some rare treasures at other garage sales in the area. Here are some of my sensational finds.

Cost: $2.00
It came with a small burn kit and a package of muffin mix from 2006.
Will be a great addition next to the bed for those late night snacks.

Cost: $0.50
I've been looking for this baby for a long time and I can't believe someone was practically giving it away.
Man! If only I still had a record player.

Cost: $1.50
I seem to have a problem with neighbor's kids always tossing their toys over the fence in to our back yard. This ought to fix that.

Oh yeah! Now we're talkin'.

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