Saturday, May 02, 2009

Here comes yardsale season

A little too early for yard sales you say?

Well you're missing out on the bargoons!

Just check out these sweet purchases I made this morning.

Bacon Lube cost: $0.45

Wow! If I'm ever disinterested in sex, GIGC will just rub a little of this on her cooch and I'll come running!

Harptallica CD cost: $0.25

Nothing says I'm the man like basting Metallica covers in my car with the windows down and nothing says I'm really the man, when those covers are all done on harps.

Further note: I didn't buy the Beatallica CD. They're sooooo pun intended.

Pin the Ovaries on the Uterus Game (Milton Bradley) cost: $1.50

Not as good as the bacon lube, but I had to do something after GIGC always complained when I pinned the real ovaries. Yet, it should be lot's of fun to play this at the next family gathering.

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